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   |Violet's POV|

   I bit my lip, hoping everything was going okay. Dad was inside and there was a loud 'bang'...
   Suddenly, the boy named Silver ran out the front of the school. His hands were froze, meaning Dad had got ahold of him.
   Mom growled and lunged at Silver, grabbing him by the throat, her claws ripping his flesh. It scared me....
   "PUT ME DOWN!!!" Silver hissed, only making Mom more enraged. She dug her claws deeper in, but not by much, just enough to draw blood.
   I watched as Zero ran into the school, along with Kara. I mewled softly. Too much was going on... Where's Dad? and Danielle?
   "M-Mom!" I mewled. "Don't kill him... Please..."
   She looked at me, keeping her tight grip on Silver's neck. "He's a human Violet... We have no choice."
   Silver kept quiet. Good thing... I didn't need him screwing this up for me.
   I bit my lip. Think Violet! THINK! "We could use him as a slave! He could do the work that we can't do because we're Anthros! And we can keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't do anything dumb!"
   Mom thought for a moment, while Silver bit back another hiss. Mom looked at the boy, a glare in her eyes that made them look almost black. Silver looked terrified.
   She smirk in a devilish way that I've only seen once before... Oh no.....
   "Fine. We'll keep him But only if your father comes out unharmed." Mom said.
   Silver froze. Oh crap! What happen to Dad!?
   Kara and Zero walked out of the school... With Dad behind them, bleeding badly from the shoulder.
   "DAD!" I mewled. What happened to him!?
   Mom, however, did NOT look pleased. She snarled and glared at Silver, a look of murder in her eyes. "Humans... So stupid!" I watched as her claws dug deeper into Silver's neck, the blood flow increasing.
   "Sal! Stop!" Dad said. "He didn't shoot me. It was the other human. He got away though..."
   Mom's gaze softened and she loosened her grip, but only slightly. "Are you okay?" She asked Dad.
   He smirked. "I'm fine... Just a bullet wound. At least he didn't shoot my head."
   Mom frowned. "Not funny..."
   "So is he the one who took Danielle?" Auntie Kara asked.
   I nodded. "Yes. He was the one I saw threaten to hurt us if she didn't go with him."
   I had lied and said I was stalking Danielle. They didn't know I was with Gold last night. I hated myself for lying...
   Silver raised an eyebrow. I looked at him with a look that said 'KEEP YOUR DAMN MOUTH SHUT!' Silver looked away in anger.
   Slowly, Mom set Silver down, but kept a grip on his neck.
   "So... What are we gonna do with him?" Dad asked, glaring at Silver.
   "I say we should let him live. But as our personal slave!" Trever, who to my surprise was quiet the WHOLE DAMN TIME, snickered.
   Uncle Fang rolled his eyes.
   "That was my idea you ass hat!" I snapped at Trever. I had never yelled at anyone for sealing my ideas before.... Trever, Mom and Dad looked at me in shock and confusion. Whoops...
   "I know! I was agreeing with you!" Trever hissed.
   "Doubt that..." I muttered.
   "Can you all just MAKE UP YOUR MINDS!!!!" Silver hissed in annoyance.
   Mom smirked, leaning down at Silver's height. "We can just kill him off. I call ripping his throat out." She grinned baring her fangs at Silver.
   Silver yelped and looked away, making Mom chuckle. She seemed to be enjoying torturing Silver.
   "Don't kill him. He may have some useful information." Uncle Zero said.
   "Zero has a point. He could have something we need." Dad said, looking at Silver.
   "Fine. Let's take the little shit home then." Uncle Fang huffed.
   I sighed in relief. Silver was safe... But what about Gold?
   *Back At the House*

   I sighed, sitting in my room. I couldn't help but question what happened in the school. Was Gold okay? He didn't mean any harm... But he did shoot Dad... And now Silver knew I was an Anthro.... Great...
   I looked up to see Mom and Dad, whose shoulder was now patched up, sanding in the door way.
   "Hey... Is Dad okay?" I asked.
   Mom nodded and they both walked in and sat down beside me.
   "Violet... We need to talk to you about something's." Mom said.
   "Okay..." I said, looking at her.
   "Well... For starters, I'm not actually an Anthro Human. I'm a clone." Dad sighed. "I use to be a servant to a mad man who thought it was okay to preform experiments on humans."
   I was shocked. Dad was a clone? Like, the clones I read about before?
   "I use to be human." Mom said. "I never originally had Beagle DNA in me. The same man who made Jacob did this to me, as well as Kara. He also changed Fang's DNA. He use to be a crow."
   WHAT THE HELL!? Who would do something like that!?
   "W-who did this!?" I mewled.
   Dad and Mom looked at each other. Mom sighed and looked at me. "My father... Your grandfather."
   I felt my heart break. My own Grandpa did this!?
   "I managed to escape the lab with your grandmother and we ran for about ten years. I had to hide my ears and tail from humans because they thought I was..." Mom stopped and bit back a sob.
   Dad mewled softly and hugged her. It had to be bad... I've only seen Mom cry twice.
   "You don't have to say it." I mewled, grabbing Mom's hand. She smiled, holding in tears.
   "Your grandfather wanted you mom to come back to the lab. I'm not sure why to this day, but it was obviously for no good." Dad said. "I was sent to hunt her down.... Well... Not EXACTLY me."
   I looked at Dad confused. "What do you mean?"
   "Violet... Your father and I had something we called a 'corruption'. It's like a whole other person inside your body, wanting to cause harm. Your father's corruption was suppose to hunt me down, but the corruption was weak, letting your father take control when he met me."
   "...'Had' a corruption?" I asked.
   "We found a cure for it. Fang, Kara, and Zero were corrupted too." Mom said.
   "Oh..." I said.
   "Anyways... I belonged to a lab unit called Unit 0. The subjects in Unit 0 could only be harmed by others from the unit. But your mom could hurt them... Because there was a mix up at the lab. She was from Unit 0 the entire time and we didn't know it." Dad said.
   "...Why are you telling me all this?" I asked.
   "Well... We figured you should know about why you are what you are." Mom said.
   "Why you're not Human." Dad said.
   Slowly, I nodded. "I understand.... Thanks." I smiled softly at them.
   Mom sighed. "I'm just... Confused though... Like we said, Only Unit 0 can be harmed by Unit 0 or special made weapons.... So how did a bullet harm you, Jacob?"
   Dad shrugged. "I'm not sure... All I know is that HURT!"
   Mom and I giggled. Dad knew how to make us smile, even in the darkest times...
   I looked over at my door. Danielle was there. She looked kinda ticked...
   "Hey...." I said. "What's up...?"
   Danielle sighed. "Not much... I'm grounded for a week. I can't go out of the house AT ALL, and I've been ordered to take care of our new 'pet'."
   "Oh..." I said, standing up. "You wanna talk..?"
   "If you and your parents don't mind...." Danielle mumbled.
   Mom and Dad stood up and walked out, smiling at Danielle and I as they went downstairs, leaving Danielle and I alone. Danielle closed the door. Her sad face turned to sheer joy as she squealed in happiness.
   I chuckled. I knew she was happy Silver got to stay here! "I see your glad Silver is here..."
   Danielle nodded. "I guess... Maybe I can get him to understand us more."
   I smiled. "I'm glad..." I sighed. "I guess you were right about Gold though..."
   She frowned. "Maybe... Is Gold even his real name...? Same with Silver... Is that his real name?"
   I never thought about that... But why would they need other names.... And what's with all the weird stuff they had?
   "Well.... I think that they lied about their names..." I bit back a growl. I HATE lies! 
   "Maybe... If I can get Silver to trust me... He'll tell me who he and Gold really are." Danielle thought out loud.
   That was actually a really good idea... If Danielle could prove Anthros are no different then Humans... We might have a chance at befriending them...
   I nodded. "That's a good idea. But how long will that take?"
   Danielle sighed. "Not sure.... But it's worth a try."
   I nodded. Anything to make the humans trust us was worth a try.
   Suddenly, there was a knock on my door. Danielle frowned. Oh god! Please tell me no one heard our conversation! Danielle walked over to the door and opened it. Trever was on the other side, smirking. Fuck.....
   "What do you want Baby Dragon?" Danielle hissed.
   Trever growled. "Stop calling me that! I'm older then you!"
   "By a minute." Danielle huffed.
   Trever rolled his eyes. "So, you two have crushes on Humans." He smirked.
   Danielle narrowed her eyes. Oh that little monster wouldn't tell if he knew what was good for him...
   "What are you getting at..?" Danielle growled.
   Trever pouted innocently. "I don't know what your talking about."
   I crossed my arms. "What do you want Baby Dragon?" I knew he couldn't yell at me because I was oldest.
   He bit back a growl in anger. "I have useful information about another human. But you'll have to earn it from me~" He said in a sing-a-song voice.
   Danielle growled.
   I rolled my eyes. "I'll pass." I didn't need a third human on my mind, even if he had blackmail on me. Grant it, it means we're in more danger, but the less I know, the less trouble I'll get in.
   "Okay What do you want us to do? Nothing pervy with Violet! I'll kill you." Danielle warned.
   WHAT THE HELL!? So help me if I ever caught Trever thinking like that, I'd kill him!
   Trever huffed. "She's my cousin! What do you take me for!? A pervert!?"
   "Maybe..." I muttered.
   "Yeah... Considering when you were 13 and I was going threw puberty you were pervy like crazy!" Danielle muttered.
   "WHATEVER!! Just drop the subject! I want you two to help me gain this chicks trust. I'm kinda interested in her...." Trever trailed off.
   Danielle eyes widened. My mouth dropped. He was interested in a Human too!? TREVER!?
   "Fine. But in a week. I'm grounded..." Danielle growled.
   "You don't have to come with me!! I just want some tips.... And someone to detract Dad... He's been on my back lately." Trever muttered, looking away in embarrassment.
   I thought for a moment. Trever only saw this girl I'm guessing. He didn't know a thing about her. Plus, if memories serve me right, he wanted an Anthro for a wife as well... "Where did you see her last?" I asked.
   "Did you even talk to her yet?" Danielle muttered.
   Trever bit back a growl. "No... Not yet... And I saw her walk into the town's library."
   I thought for a moment again. Maybe I could get a chance to see what she looks like. I left my books there when I was running from Gold, so I have to go back there anyways.
   "What does she look like?" Danielle asked curiously.
   "Why does it matter!?" Trever huffed, crossing his arms.
   "Because I wanna know what I'm looking for. I have to go to the library anyways, so I might as well see if I can find her..." I muttered.
   "Okay. Fine... She has black hair in a pony tail and... an eye patch on her right eye. She was wearing warm clothes last time I saw her." Trever muttered.
   Danielle raised an eye brow. I smiled. That's all I needed to know... Although she sounded like a pirate...
   "Okay. I'll see if I can find her." I said, walking past Trever and going downstairs. I wanted to find this girl ASAP.
   I walked to the kitchen to see Mom and Dad talking... But it looked more like arguing? "Mom? Dad?"
   They both froze and looked over at me.
   "Hey Violet." Mom said, trying to relax.
   "What's up?" Dad asked.
   "I left one of my books at the library... Can I go get it really quick. I'll be fast." I said, hoping Mom and Dad would say yes.
   They looked at each other, then back at me.
   "You have an hour Violet." Mom said.
   I smiled and ran out the door. I would have plenty of time to find this girl.

   Maybe I could find Gold too, and ask him what happened....

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